Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother's Day Macarons

May means Mother's Day in the world of baking and gifting.  And Mother's Day gifting often means flowers.  And wouldn't it be fun to give mom flowers she can eat?

Macarons can take on any shape you like, but the problem is trying to match them.  We made a simple, five-petal daisy template on Word to help us keep every flower uniform.  Notice in the photo below that the piped "petals" have a tiny gap between them.  This allows them to spread slightly when rapping the tray and settling the batter.  They spread just enough to ever so slightly kiss each other at the sides.  When baked, it's nice to see a little definition between each petal (see photo above).

For each recipe, we tinted a fifth of the batter a bright yellow for the centers.  It's fun to know that simple little tricks can create something fun, clever and whimsical.

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