jen yee pastry


The Chocolate Room

Yep. I have one. And yeah, I am completely aware of how much of a crazy luxury it is. Temperature controlled, marble countertop, lowboy freezer, plenty of storage to house a guitar, a candy panner, a 4-quart ice cream machine, 2 Paco Jets, a gajillion molds, and of course, chocolate. And with all these toys comes the pressure to BRING IT ON!! So yeah, I bring it. We produce approximately 500 molded & filled bon bons a week, not including 150 pieces of individually wrapped fudge and nougat, 200 pieces of individually foiled toffee, 200 pieces of assorted fruit jellies, and who knows how many macarons. Three 20" tall gingerbread houses were also birthed in that room, as well as countless special occasion cakes. I have yet, I'll admit, to erect a mammoth chocolate sculpture. Not really my thing, and honestly, where would I put it? I have to say though, of all the bells and whistles this room carries, the best part is... the lock on the door!! And I ain't afraid to use it, folks! This room also serves as my "calm down and get your head together" place when things get a little stressful, but sshh, don't tell anyone. The chocolate room - a pastry chef's best friend.