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Holiday Sweetness

Drunken Egg Nog Truffles
Please don't think I made these all on my own. I have a great team backing me up. As a way to get my cooks' juices flowing, I challenged them to come up with a sweet to sell for retail. The production would be on their own time, but it would give them a chance to do something a little different from the everyday, and hopefully learn something new. One of my girls wanted to make an egg nog truffle. She came to me with a recipe containing egg yolks, more of an anglaise based ganache. Although I know this would have been delicious and authentically egg-nogg-y, truffles that stand at room temp with eggs in them doesn't offer a very long shelf life. We ultimately went with a butter ganache: butter, white chocolate, vanllia, nutmeg, lots of brandy AND rum, and a good pinch of salt. We hand rolled, hand dipped (twice!), drizzled and sprinkled (with freshly grated nutmeg & vanilla powder) 300 egg nog truffles and made about 55 boxes for retail. Very satisfying. Now please buy some!!