jen yee pastry


A Study in Rustic

Slowly leaving us are the days of overly composed desserts, and food in general.  Don't get me wrong, I still love my 11-component frivoloties but I find I am more often craving something "simple & tasty" after a meal.  And what could embody that better than chocolate pudding (made with two types of chocolate, of course)? 

Silky, sweet, bitter, and just the right amount of thick resistence is what makes it perfect.  Coming from a fine dining background myself, I couldn't just plop a heap of it in a bowl and call it a day.  Homey comfort foods can always use a little finesse and garniture.  This pudding pairs deliciously with a chunky, bourbon-banana jam (underneath) and salted toffee bits sprinkled over a mound of vanilla chantilly.  Simple caramelized banana slices add another bit of texture and freshness to the overal dish.

I actually found myself overthinking such a simple dessert.  I believe it takes real talent and culinary intelligence to create a dish with only a couple components, and make it so addictively more-ish.  I must admit that my pastry ego has been guilty of overcomplicating things, and I have had to concienciously scold myself for doing so, "enough is enough!". Who knows, with a little practice, "rustic" might be my new gig!