jen yee pastry


Working On Restraint

I'm trying my hand at simpler plating techniques that still look stunning and finished.  Let me tell you, it's harder than it looks!  The menu will read "Lemon Meringue", which in itself can conjure fluffy, sugary mile high abominations some might try to pass off as dessert; this is anything but.  A frozen mound of lemon parfait is anointed with a touch of lemon curd, then sprinkled with a rubble of crushed vanilla meringue.  A couple fennel fronds on top hints at the final table side flourish-- a small pour of fennel lemonade dotted with a pale green fennel frond oil.

There's lemon, and there's meringue, but definitely no fluff.  In fact, there's actually no cream or butter in this dessert, which makes it a great option for someone with a dairy allergy who just can't bear another fresh fruit plate to end their meal.

Fennel Lemonade
100 g  fennel juice*
50 g    lemon juice
35 g    simple syrup
Combine all liquids and strain through a coffee filter overnight. 
Keep chilled.

*Blanch 2-3 fennel bulbs that have been chopped into small pieces.  Run through a juice extractor.