jen yee pastry


C'mon Spring!

Although this winter has been the mildest I've experienced in my six New York years, spring cannot come soon enough for me.  And I cannot wait to put this dish on the menu!  This neon blast of color comes in the form of a spritely rhubarb consomme surrounding a snowy island of greek yogurt granite and petits pois ice cream.  This is a flavor combo I've been thinking about for a while, and was never really sure if it would work.  Now I think, "why wouldn't it?".  Peas and rhubarb both thrive in the same season, and their inherent flavor characteristics should quite complement each other.  Rhubarb's natural sharpness cuts beautifully through the pea's starchy creaminess.  The tangy yogurt and crystallized mint rounds bring balance and texture. 
My only concern now is how people will respond to it.  Would the average diner really feel comfortable ordering a dessert with peas in it?  And if they did order it, would their palates "get it"?  There's only one way to find out.