jen yee pastry


Green Tea Trifle

I've been having fun with desserts in a glass lately.  The latest version is a light and fruity green tea trifle.  We start with a layer of chiffon sponge at the base, modestly soaked in vanilla syrup.  A layer of sweetened azuki beans lies between the sponge and an ever so light matcha green tea mousse.  A disk of matcha marbled white chocolate adds a layer of texture, and fresh pomelo lends its bitter & bright juiciness. 

I'm not sure if the concept of sweet beans has really reached the masses of the western dessert world, but
I grew up enjoying different incarnations of the stuff; like gooey rice flour pancakes stuffed with red or yellow bean paste, mini tapioca suspended in a warm red bean soup, or whole beans atop a "halo halo", the Phillipino take on a snow cone sundae.  I believe applying this ingredient in a more accessible form, like trifle, creates a gateway for our guests to try something new without feeling like they are taking too great a risk.  So far, the response has been positive!