jen yee pastry



Anyone who knows me will contest that I'm not a huge chocolate fan.  Buy me a box of chocolate, and I will invariably pass it on to my husband.  I won't however, pass on a chocolate layer cake.  Something about the soft sponge and semi-sweet filling makes it irresistible and more-ish.  Nevermind chocolate to die for; this is a cake I'd kill for!!  Although, now I don't have to worry about choco-homocide, I can just make this myself.  Opera-thin layers of devil's food stay forever moist with a rum syrup soak.  Each layer of sponge is spread with tempered chocolate, so there's a hint of crunch with each bite.  Three layers of chocolate pudding go between, then the whole thing is coated with a fudgy ganache.  A pouring of chocolate glaze allows the chocolate crumbs to stick, like a million ants to a plank.  A thin slice of this makes for an elegant plated dessert; the whole cake can sit proudly in a bakery showcase.