jen yee pastry


A Bright Winter Tart

The winter doldrums really hit their stride this time of year.  We're all tired of the cold and ready to feel some warmth, hopefully just over a month away.  Citrus is always a lifesaver for pastry chefs during the season, not only in its bright flavors and colors but also in its versatility.  A quick grating of zest over a dessert make for nature's sprinkles.  Confits and marmalades pair with just about everything, from chocolate, to nuts, to booze, to ice creams, etc.  And of course, you can't beat biting into those fat segments that explode with juice in your mouth.  This standard frangipane tart turns awesome with meaty pink grapefruit segments baked into the filling.  The concentrated bittersweet-ness really plays off the mellow almond of the frangipane.  A little grapefruit glaze makes it extra pretty.