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Sweet Hearts

"Cray cray adorbs!".  Those were the words uttered when one of my cooks spotted the multiple trays of these Valentine macarons.  I must say I have to agree!  We make A LOT of macarons at the bakery, so why not make heart-shaped ones too?  And while we're at it, why not stencil little love notes on them?  And while we're STILL at it, why not stack them on a bed of pink krinkeleen and put a bow on it?

We used a chablon to help us pipe the same chubby heart shape every time.  And just as every hipster has a tattoo "guy", we have a laser cutting "gurl" who helped us make itty bitty font stencils.  These "petits coeurs" also make great cake decorations, seen below on our "gateau for two".  Who's gonna be YOUR lucky Valentine??

"American Pie" Éclair Collection

I wouldn't blame you if you were to tell me you're sick of seeing éclairs on this blog.  I just can't help it!  Last one of the year, I promise!  There really is no end to the "playtime" one can have with this pastry.
For this holiday season, we are showcasing a collection of American pie inspired éclairs: fluffy lemon meringue, spiced apple (with requisite lattice garnish), sweet-salty pecan, and creamy key lime.  Of course, we will also be offering the traditional 9" crust variety, but these éclairs will definitely stand out on the Thanksgiving table.