jen yee pastry


The Incomparable Lemon Tart

Forget foams.  Forget powders.  Forget spheres & caviared juices.  Can you, fellow pastry chef, execute the perfect lemon tart?  And when I say perfect, I mean a precision lined sucree shell, with the sublime balance of sturdy yet tender pastry.  I'm talking about a filling with just the right proportion of tart lemony-ness, creaminess, egginess, & sweetnees.  And don't forget the filling to crust ratio.. too much filling can be overwhelmingly sharp, and too much crust is, well, a cookie with some lemon on top.  And of course it has to look good... screaming of sunshine, happiness, and just plain "EAT ME!". 

I think the last time I made a large, slice & serve lemon tart was in my Gordon Ramsay days around '03ish.  Kinda sad, no?  I've been so caught up in the mini, individual portions, or the plate-sprawling, deconstructed recreations, that I realized I might have lost grasp of the things that really make people swoon over food.  In my next fine-dining, tweezer food venture, I hope I can bring back "the slice" and make it "haute" again.