jen yee pastry


Liz Loves Carrot Cake

Garnishing a cake with its own ingredients carries the theme inside and out, and makes for easy inspiration when trying to find ideas to decorate it.
Carrot cake is a much loved classic.  The moist cake sandwiches layers of sweet cream cheese and roasted pineapple dice.  The exterior gets a nice thick  layer of the same cream cheese.
When decorating, I wanted to stay away from the ubiquitous homey icing swirls found in shops across town, so the first thing I did was smooth everything out and make a clean canvas.  There's much to appreciate when seeing a clean and slickly iced cake.  For decorating, candied carrot is a must.  Using a peeler, I shaved thin ribbons of large horse carrots and lightly poached them in syrup. The kitchen is getting in great baby carrots from the market, so I borrowed a couple and treated them the same way. A round of crumbs from leftover cake scraps creates a "patch" on which my carrots can rest.  And no, there is no parsley inside the cake, but the visuals were screaming for something green, and there were no micro carrot tops in sight.  Anyway, carrot and parsley are always good flavor partners.
For the inscription, I took inspiration from our typewriter font used on the menu to tie everything together.