jen yee pastry


Mushroom Dusted Meringue Mushrooms

In an attempt to follow a nature theme with my petits fours selection, I thought mushrooms would make a fun end to the meal. 
I started with just a plain espresso meringue mushroom with a little ground espresso on top.  Although tasty, I was looking for something with more of a flavor twist.  Using the same espresso meringue base, I sprinkled powdered black trumpets over the caps, and voila! 
Held together with dark chocolate, and stuck to the board with a dab of salted caramel, the whole bite is all at once sweet, bitter, salty and earthy.
Below is our winter trio of mignardises, including chocolate dipped crystallized anise hyssop leaves, hiding in a shrub of fennel fronds and carrot tops.