jen yee pastry


My Way To Sorbet

Most restaurants will offer a sorbet selection for that rare breed who doesn't like dessert.  For those with lactose intolerance, it is almost always (and sadly) the only option.  And most restaurants will serve their sorbet with a reluctance that shows in the presentation, normally a couple of scoops dropped in a bowl or individual cups.  Unfortunately, I cannot claim innocence to such vapid presentations, but I can assure you that I've sworn them off for life now!
I am now trying to treat the sorbet plate less like a thorny step-sister, and more like my new b.f.f.  In keeping with the non-dairy parameters, a bed of grapefruit granite plays host to three complimenting sorbet flavors.  Each flavor has its signature scoop: a perfect sphere, a rough coil, and a quenelle.  Topped with a little sour sorrel and an apple glass spiral, the simple yet elegant composition elevates the humble sorbet plate into a real dish.
For my next (sorbet) act, I'm thinking of just focusing on a single flavor, like pear, and building the dish around a solitary scoop.  Pear granite, poached pear, pickled pear, pear brulee, pear glass, pear espuma, oh, and fresh pear. What do you think?