jen yee pastry



Part of my job is to work with purveyors.  And part of the purveyor's job is to introduce me to new or interesting products they carry.  One such instance happened a couple weeks ago, when I met Donna Domiano.  She is the marketing director for Fabbri, a family-owned Italian company that produces what seems like all things gelato, confectionary, and pastry.  They are most well-known, however, for their Amarena cherries.  I've had these cherries before from other companies, but when I sampled those of Fabbri, I was smitten.  A single tiny cherry will fill your mouth with that oh-so-familiar (to Americans) flavor of cherry cola, but the sweetness is quickly tempered with a satisfying tartness.  With the imminent arrival of the owners of Fabbri to NYC for the Restaurant Show, Donna asked if I would create a dessert for them using their prized cherries.
And so I did.  I played off the idea of a black forest cake and made an ice cream sweetened with the Amarena syrup.  Once churned, I piped the ice cream into fleximolds and plugged in a couple whole cherries for texture and extra cherry-ness.  Topped off with a chocolate sacher sponge and dipped in almond scented meringue, it made for one tasty ice cream cake!  A savory smearing of tarragon pesto complements and offsets the sweetness of the main component.
I think it was hit, because Nicola Fabbri himself asked for the recipe!