jen yee pastry


Twisting A Classic

Although my culinary training was unwaveringly French, I believe my palate and style are distinctly American; and perhaps more specifically, "urban American".  By this, I mean the food I make (and hence the food I like to eat), stems from many American classics, yet leans on the side of less sweet, with smaller portions and a heavier emphasis on salt and savory inclusions.

While pondering new menu items, the old-school cheesecake crossed my mind, as did a springtime carrot cake.  This dish is a marriage of the two, with a super silky ricotta cremeux and shrub-like hunks of fine crumbed carrot cake.  A salty walnut rubble and banyuls reduction balance texture, flavor, and acid.  The carrot top fronds add a pleasantly fresh grassiness.. and they look pretty too.