jen yee pastry



What is a kolache?  I still don't even know exactly what it is, but the word was thrown at me a few days ago, and so I was inclined to do a little research.  Granted, I have never actually eaten one, so this post is only how I think a kolache might taste.  From my research (as in Googling the word and clicking on the first link), its origin is Czech and thrives as an endeared pastry in Texas...who knew?
From my findings online, the base looks to be an enriched white dough, so I went with my own tried and true recipe.

A couple variations of cherry kolache is what I've got here, the simplest one being a bun dropped in a brioche pan and punctured with the fruit.  With another tray, I tried to get fancy by braiding the dough before coiling and filling them.  Although my favorite presentation may not be authentic to the world of Kolache, I love the landscape of golden bumps of what I would call 'kolache for a party'.  I actually did bring it to a friend's house that night, and everyone had fun getting their fingers sticky pulling apart the sweet mouthfuls.

So kolache or not, these ended up still being pretty and delicious, and are a great vehicle for poached fruit and jam.  I hope to one day have the real thing.