jen yee pastry


A Romantic Wedding

I admit that wedding cakes scare me a bit.  The pressure and anxiety lie more in disappointing the bride (and groom; or grooms; or brides) by not meeting their expectations rather than the actual construction of the cake.  This is not to say that I'm altogether confident at cake decorating either.  No offense, but gum paste artistry kind of bores me.  I appreciate the work, but would rather see, feel and smell fresh flowers on a cake than find laborious replicas in sugar that have been breathed on for hours.  I prefer wedding cakes that make me want to jump into its soft, fluffy icing and devour every bite.  So when a bride comes to me with a photo of a fondant-ized cake she would like to emulate, what am I to do?  I can only say yes, and hope that my patience can carry me through all the smoothing, modeling, crimping, etc that is required of such an undertaking.

I think that very patience paid off in this cake, and I'm extremely grateful to my staff who actually revel in working with this medium.  One 7kg bucket of fondant later, came to fruition a feminine and romantic 5-tiered display with a touch of 50's prom dress chic.  My opinions aside, I wouldn't be mad if this were to show up at my wedding.  I hope our bride felt the same.